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Since the inception of our business, it has been our prowess to have delivered valued services to all our clients who are in need of quality accessories along with car parts. All our possessions are tested and are fitted in meeting optimal standards. The plethora of experience of more than one decade has allowed us in building a positive bond of amity with all our clients. It has allowed us in carrying out our business transaction in a much more oriented and systematic manner.

Count on our services so that we could take up the onus of making your vehicle get the added hue and the robust touch, which is sure to make it the cynosure of all eyes.

Car Safety Glass & Wrapping

Car Window tinting Manchester Safety Glass is an award-winning product that is designed to make your vehicle safer and more secure.

Safety Glass is an invisible super-strong thick polyester based laminate, professionally bonded to the inside of the main side windows of your car. It is incredibly tough, optically clear, colourless (and also available in tinted versions), scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean. Preparing Safety Glass is a highly specialised process.

The benefits to Safety Glass?

Side Impact Protection

Anti-Car Jacking

Roll-over Protection

Resistant to Thieves & Smash and Grab Theft

Safety Glass is professionally installed and this can be organised through us simple

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The benefits of Wrapping?

Protect Original Paintwork

Improve Appearance

Unique Style & Finishes

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